BRIQ Insurance is an independent insurance agency offering intelligent solutions that provide a foundation of protection and the peace of mind that individuals and families desire. Because we can offer products from a variety of different insurance companies with multiple policies and pricing options, our clients enjoy the assurance they have chosen well. That’s the real value in choosing BRIQ Insurance —more choices, knowledgeable advice and personalized service.


Liability Insurance

BRIQ Insurance provides you with the best possible coverage customized for your situation and needs. Every individual, family and business needs to be protected from the unexpected. We are here to help you secure the liability coverage needed to provide the foundation of protection you desire.


Home Insurance

BRIQ Insurance understands the importance of your home, which is likely one of your most valuable assets.  Because we are an independent agency, we have many options to deliver just the right level coverage so you can protect what you can’t afford to lose and have the peace of mind knowing your hard-earned assets are protected.


Auto Insurance

BRIQ Insurance can deliver the right insurance that fits your needs and lifestyle. The right policy gives you peace of mind knowing you can get back on the road quickly and easily should your vehicle become damaged. Your coverage can also provide protection against medical and legal expenses resulting from an accident involving your vehicle.


Toy Insurance

BRIQ Insurance offers a variety of protection for accomplished and successful individuals who want peace of mind knowing their recreational assets are well protected.

  • Motorcycles

  • ATV’s

  • RV & Campers

  • Trailers

  • Yachts


Risk Management

BRIQ Insurance is here to listen to your needs and wants and help you protect what you cannot afford to lose.  More than insurance advisors, we strive to earn our clients trust for life because we consistently listen to your desires and concerns. We know what to look out for even if you do not.  We seek to provide an anchor of confidence, protecting what you’ve earned to live the life you want with peace of mind.

With our industry leading expertise and intelligence, we chart the best path leading to a solid foundation of protection aligned with your personal lifestyle, assets and risk tolerance.